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(For immediate release - Macau, 15 June 2018)  The debut “2018 The Black Pearl Restaurant Guide Awards Presentation Ceremony?Macao, China” has successfully kicks off last night which was also the first time held abroad and chosen 13 restaurants in Macau to received special accolades.  “Portas do Sol” at Hotel Lisboa has scored to be the “Best Venue for Gathering Menu” 「黑珍珠一鑽 – 聚會必吃」as well as stands out to be recognised as “Best Yum Cha place in Macau”「澳門最好的早茶」. The culinary team will strive to continually serve the best Chinese Haute Cuisine and extensive dim sum varieties for the discerning few and loyal diners.

“The Black Pearl Restaurant Guide” award is appraised by a group of gastronomies who formed to choose the few restaurants best suitable to please Chinese’s appetite.  Being one of the local restaurants provider in “Creative City of Gastronomy”, this award recognition will strengthen Portas Do Sol’s ultimate goal to enhance the city’s reputation and contribute to impress visitors from all walks of live aside from inheriting the Chinese delicacy culture to another extent.

**The only complex in the world with four Michelin-starred restaurants under one roof and a wine list that features over 16,800 labels, the majority of which are rated over 91 by the Wine Advocate (Robert Parker)*

  • “Portas do Sol”representative takes group photo with other restaurant representatives
  • “Portas do Sol” Head Chef-Raymond Wong attends the“2018 The Black Pearl Restaurant Guide Awards Presentation Ceremony?Macao, China”
  • Hotel Lisboa Food and Beverage Director – Terence Chu(left) and “Portas do Sol” Head Chef-Raymond Wong(right) as the representatives receiving the 「黑珍珠一鑽 – 聚會必吃」award.
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